Stefan Robinson

Education Masters of Fine Arts, in progress Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California
Masters of Arts in Theology, Emphasis in Theology and the Arts Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California
Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts Major Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington

Artist Statement

Since I grew up on the North Oregon Coast where the verdant mountains drop into the white-capped surf, epic landscape is in my blood. Each painting I did is a part of a body of work within the Alumni Hall. My vision was to make a cohesive experience rather than a just a collection of paintings. Akin to a cathedral space, I wanted to use landscape paintings to tell a narrative of what it means to be human.
Life is hard. Life is good. How do we reconcile these two? I am interested in manifesting some of the demons, problems, and hurt we all face through paint. In other paintings, I seek to create experiences of pleasure, joy, and delight.
I see some people avoid hurt through numbing it. I see other people struggle through hurt and grow into deeper, healthier people. In these paintings, I try to be human, and invite you to join me. Like each of us, each painting has a piece of redemption. We are each quietly waiting to be found and cultivated into growth. As this show is a community, sharing a story as a whole, together as fellow humans, we can share, ask questions, build trust, encourage, and grow into healthier people.

~Stefan Robinson, 2014